Before and After Picture and How We Made Google Splash

This image was made by $200 P&S Nikon S8100 camera:-)

(Noise was added in Photoshop)

The Making of Google: Happy birthday, Google Plus!

See video inside

Splashing Beer shot: Post-production

Tonight (Wednesday 3/21/2012) at 10PM Eastern time Alex Koloskov and  Dave Nitsche will be talking about this shot as well as will discuss and critique submission form everyone who did the assignment: The Beer Shot weekly assignment.

These are the pictures I’ve used to make the splashing beer shot:
A detailed tutorial how we did it is coming soon. Check our “E-Books” section.

Before and after photo of our upcoming ebook.

We are working on our upcoming ebook (another ebook and video from latest masterclass will be available next week), and here I would like to show you the progress. It is not a regular “before and after” image, as before is not a one image, but a  picture that showing what you can get from a set of the images using Photoshop and creativity.

Now we (Alex and I) have a good grounding in techniques, so this is time for us become more creative. We will experiment with new devices, techniques, objects. Hope it will be very interesting time.
Before and After

jewelry photography, post-production and retouching

New ebook about how we made this photo will be ready very soon.

Thank you for looking. Any feedback and suggestions are very welcome!
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WOW! Our water splash photo in 3D design

Check this link:

How to do a water splash butterfly. Post production.

Some time ago I was impressed with stunning water splash photos some photographers did. I saw flowers, birds, bulls, horses. I was curious  how they actually did it?

Now I know the answer:-)
First, you need a huge set of water splash images and second, many hours of assiduous work. And here is my water splash butterfly:

Water splash butterfly

Water splash butterfly

As you can see at my Layer palette, I did many trials, errors, experimentation. See how many layers turned off:-) But for me it’s only one way to learn – error and trial, and trial again. This what we call experience:-)

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Retouching water splash in photoshop. Video.

This video shows my post production process in photoshop.
This is my first video, I think water and product retouching is hard to find, and I am sure my video will be very interesting for those who do products.

Some time ago I start to record retouching process of almost every image I work on.  So more interesting post production videos to come! stay tuned:-)

Fruit splash photography: how much post-production it takes to get a perfect splash from Alex Koloskov on Vimeo.

To see before and after retouching photo, please open the entire post.
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First AKELstudio LIVE! masterclass went well. We did it!

It was not easy for Alex and me, because we are not a public people. But it was fun and gave us a great feeling that we did something useful:-) We are really enjoy every photo-session with water, because you never know exactly what will come up: every drop is unique:-) This is a very creative process with a lot of experiments.

As always, all technical aspects and full length video from the masterclass you can find on Alex Koloskov blog

Now I have some photos to share, including before and after post-production.

Mouse Over to see Before and After

Water splash photography masterclass

Water splash photography masterclass

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Water photography webinar-masterclass (LIVE!) is scheduled for Saturday, 7th August at 5PM Eastern time.

AKELstudio glad to announce a date for our first LIVE webinar-masterclass: Saturday, 7th August at 5PM Eastern time.

We’ll be doing our water photography third tutorial, creating photos similar you see below. The lesson will take about an hour, plus some additional time when I can answer your questions.

Water photography master class

Water photography master class

The registration is completely free and one click simple, HERE.  After registration, click on ‘AKELstudio LIVE’ link on top right menu, you’ll see the video preview; check how it works on your browser if you do not want any surprises when we’ll be LIVE.

For all who registered I’ll send a notification with the next photoshoot date/time.

Let me know if you have any suggestions on how to run it most efficient way: we all open for new ideas.

~Alex Koloskov

Water in still life, product and advertisement photography: Episode two

Lighting setup, technical details, behind the scene video tutorial for these photos, as always available on our photographer’s blog article:
Water in product and advertisement photography: episode two released!
Today I’ll show you my retouching work. I really enjoyed working with such vivid bright colors. I am a color person, never liked black & white or sepia:-). This is why working with these colorful photos makes me truly happy and positive for entire day.

Hope you’ll feel this energy while looking at our images:-) Have a nice day!

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Sparkling water photography. Tutorial episod 2.

Sparkling water photography. Tutorial episod 2.

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Water in still life, product and advertisement photography: Episode two (announcement)

AKELstudio is glad to announce a new upcoming tutorial, we are working on it right now. This is a second episode from our  “using water in product photography” series (the first one is here).

This time we used a carbonated water, pepper, colored lights and other ingredients:-). Enjoy a little preview, the first image form the photoset:


Water photography tutorial announcement

The tutorial with the lighting setup and a video will be released beginning next week.

Also, one more exciting news for our readers: The next photoshoot of the “water” series we’ll be broadcasting live form our studio!

The live stream will be available on Hi-def format (720p), accessible from any browser and even from smartphones: we’ll be using USTREAM service for the broadcast, there is a viewer available for both iPhone and Droid market.
Chat will be opened for all registered users: our photographer Alex Koloskov will be glad to answer all your questions real time.

Details will be available later, stay tuned!