Fractal “Beauty Awakens the Soul to Act”. Little Bunnies post-production: Before and After


My “Little Bunnies”:-)

To get such warm toning I’ve used Gradient Map with Blending Mode “Color” and Layer Opacity 44%
To see the bigger photo click here.

Photographer Alex Koloskov

Credit for the bunny goes to Vic-The-Raccoon

Don’t Sit Still, Move! Fractal Art “Bubble Flower”. Before and After Images “Sunflower Friends”:-)

“Don’t follow, lead.
Don’t copy, create.
Don’t start, finish.

or even,

Don’t sit still, move.
Don’t fit in, stand out.
Don’t sit quietly, speak up.

Not all the time, sure, but more often.” ~Seth Godin


Before and After Photo “Sunflower Friends”.

For post-processing of this image I’ve used some elements from this tutorial: 3 Minutes Effect to Make a Difference for Your Photo

About Self Esteem, Purple Fractal, and Before and After Picture from San Francisco

Who is responsible for your thoughts, health, and life? Who is controlling your behavior and actions? Who is choosing your friends and relationships?

The answer is ONLY YOU!

“You can’t become jealous if you maintain high self esteem.

If you begin to feel jealous or envious of others, do not try to control, manipulate, or negotiate with them to appease these feelings. That is a childish and ineffective approach. You will only encourage people to lie to you and hide things from you so they can avoid having to deal with your “Poor me… I’m not good enough… make me feel better about myself” script.

Instead, focus on setting and achieving your own goals. Start with the basics such as simple physical goals (like specific exercise targets) to restore a sense of self control, and then gradually build towards self mastery. Rebuild your sense of self-worth and confidence by asserting control over how you use your time and how you maintain your space. Restore order, cleanliness, and neatness to your home, your workplace, and your body. Create an environment that reinforces the belief that you’re in control and that you’re responsible.

The belief that you are not enough will simply attract proof of such. Prove to yourself that you are enough, not by seeking validation from others but by creating the evidence for yourself. Strive each day to grow towards your potential. If you do that, then others will tend to respect you more, and other high self esteem people will want to connect with you. Hence you will seldom have cause to feel jealous or alone; you will graduate from this problem and move on to more interesting challenges.”

~ Steve Pavlina

Happy time in San Francisco. Before and After Photoshop.

Before and After Photos from Nikon D800E Test

Nikon D800E test: It is really a medium format quality from 35mm camera. Great source images for retouching:-)

One Photo from Google+ Photowalk in Atlanta: Before and After

Just finished writing the tutorial for WWW.PHOTIGY.COM (coming very soon) “3 Minutes Effect to Make a Difference for Your Photo”. Below are Before and After from this tutorial:

Stay tuned. Genia.

Little Girl and Starfish: Before and After



A credit for a starfish goes to TreadCarefully from Thank you.

Before and After Picture and How We Made Google Splash

This image was made by $200 P&S Nikon S8100 camera:-)

(Noise was added in Photoshop)

The Making of Google: Happy birthday, Google Plus!

See video inside

Our Trip to California in Instagram Phone Photos.

I was never a big fun of gadgets, including cell phones. I used cell phones only to call somebody and get calls back. Sometimes I read one or two posts on some blogs when waiting for the kids on a playground. That’s it.

I never had a low battery at the and of the day.

Now things changed:-) I’ve installed Instagram, and fell in love with it:-) Now I stop using my phone when I see a red battery:-)

Below is our trip to California in Instagram Galaxy Nexus Android Photos:


We are ready to fly!

Nice view from the airplane window:

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Our little cartoonish family at a strawberry field. Dodge and Burn Technique.

I like this cartoonish look, which I see on movie posters and advertisements, and I try to reproduce this look in my pictures.
I used a different workflow for each image for experimenting, however the main technique for such a look is a Dodge and Burn. I will describe it below.

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How to make movie look photos in 1 minute: Our weekend camping

Our Last weekend was awesome! There were lake, forest, live music, camp fire, and great company. Thank you Sasha and Rasa for inviting us.

Below are some photos of my family. Post production have took only a couple minutes to drag sliders in Adobe camera RAW converter. This is a such creative and easy process:-)

At the bottom of the photos you can find screen shots from RAW converter which show how to achieve this film look effect (split toning and vignetting) with Adobe Camera Raw, part of Photoshop CS5.

Mouse Over to see Before and After

Photoshop film look effect

Photoshop film look effect

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