Before and After Picture and How We Made Google Splash

This image was made by $200 P&S Nikon S8100 camera:-)

(Noise was added in Photoshop)

The Making of Google: Happy birthday, Google Plus!

See video inside

Jewelry Retouching: Before and After

Hand Tool Before and After Post-Production

The video from this G+ hangout:

Do not miss it: Tonight, PHOTIGY LIVE hangout: How to Sell Images

How to make a Windex Bottle look beautiful. Post-production.

Recently we had a Google+ “Studio Photography Insights” Hangout assignment to shoot a Windex bottle. This is Alex Koloskov’s and my attempt. Below I will describe a post-production part of this project in outline way.

I have two source files. One for the bottle and the other for the spurt.

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Splashing Beer shot: Post-production

Tonight (Wednesday 3/21/2012) at 10PM Eastern time Alex Koloskov and  Dave Nitsche will be talking about this shot as well as will discuss and critique submission form everyone who did the assignment: The Beer Shot weekly assignment.

These are the pictures I’ve used to make the splashing beer shot:
A detailed tutorial how we did it is coming soon. Check our “E-Books” section.

Before and after photo of our upcoming ebook.

We are working on our upcoming ebook (another ebook and video from latest masterclass will be available next week), and here I would like to show you the progress. It is not a regular “before and after” image, as before is not a one image, but a  picture that showing what you can get from a set of the images using Photoshop and creativity.

Now we (Alex and I) have a good grounding in techniques, so this is time for us become more creative. We will experiment with new devices, techniques, objects. Hope it will be very interesting time.
Before and After

jewelry photography, post-production and retouching

New ebook about how we made this photo will be ready very soon.

Thank you for looking. Any feedback and suggestions are very welcome!
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WOW! Our water splash photo in 3D design

Check this link:

How to do a water splash butterfly. Post production.

Some time ago I was impressed with stunning water splash photos some photographers did. I saw flowers, birds, bulls, horses. I was curious  how they actually did it?

Now I know the answer:-)
First, you need a huge set of water splash images and second, many hours of assiduous work. And here is my water splash butterfly:

Water splash butterfly

Water splash butterfly

As you can see at my Layer palette, I did many trials, errors, experimentation. See how many layers turned off:-) But for me it’s only one way to learn – error and trial, and trial again. This what we call experience:-)

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Light brush painting. Post-production.

Recently Alex had a new post on Using light painting (lighting brush) technique in product photography. It’s not a new technique, we play with it almost 10 years ago, but I think this method is pretty spectacular and expressive.

At the same time working with a light brush is so very creative process that it’s hard to stop:-) You fill yourself  like a painter:-) Look at the video below and you will see how the final image was created, stroke by stroke.

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To create the image, in addition to the knowledge of light and the camera, you should know how to work with masks in Photoshop. I will not teach you the basics of how to work with masks, Google it and you’ll find many great tutorials. Knowing masking in Photoshop is a must for up-to-day photographer or digital artist, IMO.

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Still life retouching. Glass on black, white and grey. Before and After.

In this post I want to show the difference in visual perception of retouched and not retouched images. There is nothing special in post-production: levels, curves, healing, cloning, transforming. Just routine work and images become more clean, crisp and finished.

For some cases we should spend more time for retouching to make photos perfect. However you have to know your final goals and ability to say yourself  “Stop! It is good enough now.”:-)

Mouse Over to see Before* and After

*When I say "Before" this means Camera RAW Default settings.
Alcohol drink photoshop retouching.

Alcohol drink photoshop retouching.

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