Still life retouching. Glass on black, white and grey. Before and After.

In this post I want to show the difference in visual perception of retouched and not retouched images. There is nothing special in post-production: levels, curves, healing, cloning, transforming. Just routine work and images become more clean, crisp and finished.

For some cases we should spend more time for retouching to make photos perfect. However you have to know your final goals and ability to say yourself  “Stop! It is good enough now.”:-)

Mouse Over to see Before* and After

*When I say "Before" this means Camera RAW Default settings.
Alcohol drink photoshop retouching.

Alcohol drink photoshop retouching.

Glass still life post-production.

Glass still life post-production.

Glass photoshop retouching. Before and after.

Glass photoshop retouching. Before and after.

How to shoot glass on white and grey background you can find here: Shooting glassware on white background: high-key in product photography

On a black background see at Studio product photography tips&tricks: Shooting glassware on black background

See you soon:-)


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9 comments to Still life retouching. Glass on black, white and grey. Before and After.

  • Tom

    Nice retouching Genia, I still think you make Alex look good! The graduated background ‘hard edge reflection’ left side in the bottle should be blended. A bit distracting.

    Keep up the good work. Tom

  • Thank you Tom:-) Our goal is to make a picture perfect and it does not matter what methods or tools we use to achieve this.
    Regarding the left side…I did it (what you suggest), but didn’t like it:-) Now it looks more airy.

  • Tom

    Hi Genia, maybe I explained incorrectly my thoughts. So I have sent a side by side with little retouching I did.
    Obviously it’s a copy of a copy and has lost some translucency to the vodka in the bottle because of copying but
    also the gradient background isn’t helping where it ends behind the bottle. Only the right side of the bottle about
    1/3 vertical is clear enough. Also the cap needs some shape and form because this is not a true silhouette. Dark cap
    and stem is blocked up needs some highlight for shape.IMHO. Your Choice but I think it needs some form too flat.
    Otherwise nice shot. Just sent you a side by side for your inspection by my gmail.

  • Tom

    Other thing I forgot to mention is the lighting set-up Alex is using for lighting the background it’s too difficult to
    control when trying to make fine adjustments to lighting. Believe me I know when you are working with the art director
    and he says to you I don’t like this it’s too muddy looking you need to be able to quickly make adjustments especially
    when you are being paid top dollar.

    No room for clumsy errors or wasting time in set ups. That’s the difference when you are doing a project for yourself.
    You have all the time in the world. Not with the demanding art director, it’s not professional way to spend more wasted
    time doing set-up all over again. You need to tweak lighting quickly and move on it otherwise you start to look like
    an amateur. I just finished a job for a big company and when they say jump you jump. I don’t like to look like an amateur.
    Not good for business. Know what you are doing before you start so you can anticipate a change in direction when requested
    and adjust quickly to it ……that’s what gets you the big bucks.

  • MIlan

    Wow, here is a big critic ! I bet you he sits behind his computer after midnight somewhere in North Hollywood, in his underwear, eating left-over pizza and with cat sleeping on his lap – while passing critique on others. Don’t let anybody discourage you, Genia. You and Alex are doing better then 99.9% of “photographers” out there.

  • Tom Bako

    @MIlan, Well if insults rather than a reasoned argument is your best comment, I’ll just leave you as I found you, behind your computer in your underwear eating left over pizza with a cat sleeping on your lap-while passing critique on others.

  • MIlan

    I Googled “Tom Bako, photography” and besides your list of criticism, I got this: Then I Googled Alex Kolosov photography and got 66,700 pages full of tutorials, video clips and photographs. Draw your own conclusions.

  • Tom Bako

    Hi MIlan, First off the list – that is not me, the link you posted for Tom Bako on the blog. Secondly I’m not running a blog/ site or selling instructional videos. Without getting into a lengthy discussion about who I am I would advise you to ask Alex and Genia about me. I have made many comments pros and cons on Alex and Genia’s websites/blogs. I respect both of them and their efforts to succeed. They are both hardworking dedicated people with a young family and a dream they wish to make come through. Alex is finding out where he fits into the scheme of things and I hope he does very well. I have conversed with Alex on a number of occasions through personal email contact about a variety of subjects related to photography and marketing.

    Let me be clear about this I support their efforts %1000. Alex and I may have technical and spiritual differences expressed in by our opinions and thoughts, all opinions and comments are welcomed by Alex and Genia, good, bad or otherwise. If you want to see some of the images I have shot just ask Alex to forward them to you, they may still be posted on his site, not sure. If you would like confirmation to satisfy your own curiosity I will gladly send you some files of work I have produced over the years. I am basically a product photographer who has had his up’s and down’s just like a lot of others out there trying to make a decent living. You did a little google search and I guess you thought ‘oh so that’s him’. Not so!

    I can be opinionated, and straight forward, also a little over the top sometimes in my comments but I try to have a rational dialogue. I have communicated with Alex long before he set up his current website and blog and tried to help him with marketing ideas and selling his product photography knowledge online.

    So, the problem with jumping the gun is that you really need to know the back story otherwise things don’t always appear to be what they are. Again if you want to know or see some of my professional work I would be more than willing to do that, just post your email address and I will send you some images. If Alex would like to send you what he has of the images I sent him he certainly has my permission or link the images that he posted on his website some time ago. Hope this helps to clear things up for you.:-))

  • Tom Bako

    MIlan here is a link on the site to some back and forth between Alex, Genia and myself. I’m not all that bad of a guy you know. Have a nice day! I’ll leave you with this thought for the day “Slow to speak slow to anger”.

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