Recent discovery: Dr. Brown’s Adobe Photoshop CS5 Script – Edit Layers in ACR.

Update: This script is for edit psd layers in Adobe Camera RAW ONLY, because you can open any TIFF and JPEG through Bridge. Right click on the image and choose Open in Camera RAW… I did not know it. Thank you guys from  LinkedIn :-)


Some days, working on customer’s images (not RAW), I had a dream:-) I wish it would be possible to edit TIFF or even JPEG files in Adobe Camera RAW converter. ACR has a very convenient interface and controls, and I’ve got used to work with it.  And what a surprise:

Calvin Hollywood asked Russell Brown to write this amazing script. You can download the script here. With this script, you are able to open any layer of your psd file in a camera raw converter. It does not matter what image it is: TIFF or a crappy JPEG because you can still use RAW converter interface to adjust it as if it were a RAW (obviously, it won’t make file RAW-like). You can see the video how it works.

For a quick test, I tried to edit a JPEG file (made by point-and-shoot camera) of my daughter working in class. The result was truly impressive! Love it!

I do not  have much TIFFs or JPEGs (we shoot only RAW),  but if you have to edit such files this script is able to save a lot of time as ACR converter is very intuitive and convenient.

Mouse Over to see Before and After

Edit layers in ACR script. Photoshop.

Edit layers in ACR script. Photoshop.

Thank you for looking. Any feedback and suggestions are very welcome!
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3 comments to Recent discovery: Dr. Brown’s Adobe Photoshop CS5 Script – Edit Layers in ACR.

  • Totally great!!!
    Thanks a million!

  • Didn’t know this, looks great. Thanks for sharing this.

  • DGV

    You can also open JPEG in ACR by opening Photoshop…going to File>Open As…select the JPEG image and select ‘Camera RAW’ as the option under ‘Open As’ drop down (i think the drop down is called ‘Open As’). I do it all the time. I think this script will be very helpful since i always wondered if i could open a layer in photoshop in ACR. This will help.

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