Power is never given. Power is taken. “Birth of Diamonds” Fractal. HDR Outline Tut #1.


“Power is never given. Power is taken. … what “taking power” means. Not needing anything from another person in order to be the best in the world.”

  Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity  by Hugh MacLeod


“Birth of Diamonds” Fractal

Do you know how diamonds appear? Here is my version:-))


HDR Outline, Tutorial #1

Now I am happy to announce the First HDR Outline Tutorial. I created it as for myself: how I like to see tutorials. I believe that simple visual materials are more understandable way to learn.

What people are saying about this tutorial:

Alex, I love the techniques in the PDF. I did a couple tweaks aside from it just because the shot I took wasn’t that great it was just for testing purposes, However I like the results alot and I can definitely see a difference from the way I was processing my HDR’s. Now I just need something worthy of posting to show others the results of your outlined technique. ~Marty Mar

I looked through the PDF and applied some of the techniques to one of my pictures. It helped a lot. Thanks so much. ~ Nathan Olmstead

Now available for iPad (iBooks) and PDF format!

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