Plans, updates and artificial ice.


Lots of work, plans, ideas and holidays:-) Just finished couple very interesting exclusive projects but unfortunately we can’t  release it now because of disclose agreement.

Also we are preparing  new lessons and master classes. We have bought some new props for it:-) I think you know that many photographers use artificial food, drinks, ice, snow for the hi-end food and product photography, but there not so many places where you can find it. One of the most professional props, I think, sells by Trengove Studios in New York.  Be ready to pay $40 for one ice cube :-)

In addition we are planing to show more  how we do a post production and retouching on our video tutorials, in addition to behind the shoot videos.  Stay tuned!

And in the end here are couple family photos from this Halloween, we had a party with our friends in our studio:-)

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