Our Trip to California in Instagram Phone Photos.

I was never a big fun of gadgets, including cell phones. I used cell phones only to call somebody and get calls back. Sometimes I read one or two posts on some blogs when waiting for the kids on a playground. That’s it.

I never had a low battery at the and of the day.

Now things changed:-) I’ve installed Instagram, and fell in love with it:-) Now I stop using my phone when I see a red battery:-)

Below is our trip to California in Instagram Galaxy Nexus Android Photos:


We are ready to fly!

Nice view from the airplane window:

Somewhere in San Jose:

It was a pleasant evening with our old and new friends.

The next day we spent walking in our favorite city, San Francisco. The previous time, we missed the beautiful and remarkable Lombard street. But this time we enjoyed  the view and unusual shape of this street.

Alex took a lot of pictures:

Girls had fun playing around:

Our hotel room – it was small but cozy:

Google Plus Conference went from Photowalk to Treasure Island. It was windy, but funny. We tried to recognize each other, because we know everybody only by their avatar pictures on G+.

Nice view of the Beautiful City from Treasure Island:

The Conference started from here. Love the chairs:

Guy Kawasaki spoke about Building Your Brand on G+ 

Alex Koloskov‘s Live Product shot:


Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, and RC Concepcion spoke about How to Write Intriguing Posts:

Nice device:

One-on-one Portfolio Review:

We met such interesting new people from G+: Trey Ratcliff, Curtis Simmons, Jim Goldstein and others…:


Ready to go home:

When we arrived back home, we found our willow broken:

and found this creature on our roof:

Home, sweet home:-) Atlanta met as with nice weather that is still here.

Hope you enjoyed this phone photo story:-)

We are planning to create a new section on www.photigy.com about cell phone photography. Alex will write reviews and tutorials so everyone can do nice HDRs and high quality story telling photos.


Yours, Genia



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  • Preeti


    Nice pics with very good clarity….when i click pics frm my DSLR specially for far scenes they gets blurred..can u help.


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