One Photo from Google+ Photowalk in Atlanta: Before and After

Just finished writing the tutorial for WWW.PHOTIGY.COM (coming very soon) “3 Minutes Effect to Make a Difference for Your Photo”. Below are Before and After from this tutorial:

Stay tuned. Genia.

2 comments to One Photo from Google+ Photowalk in Atlanta: Before and After

  • Nikola

    Hello Genia!

    First-I want to say that your talent is amazing, you are a brilliant retoucher-so-don’t worry about your English and PLEASE create tutorials!! PLEASE!!

    Now, this peace (“3 minutes Effect…) of work is stunning-I would like to buy complete tutorial (this short one at is interesting, but I need details)-where can I do that? I’ve tried your online store (at, but I couldn’t find this tutorial? Also, I see that you have used Color Efex Pro/Bleach Bypass plugin-would it be possible to achieve this same result ONLY in PS (without this plugin)? If yes, please, please explain how, OK?

    Hope to hear from you!

    All the best!

    Regards, Nikola, Croatia :-)

  • Hi Nikola,
    The full tutorial you can find on Photigy Pro Corner, there is a monthly subscription.

    Yes, I’ve used Color Efex Pro/Bleach Bypass plugin, but I believe you can achieve the same result in Photoshop only. Search in Google “bleach bypass effect” and you can find many tutorials.
    Good luck, Genia.

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