Landscape photography. My post production.

I have been asked many times about the post production I do for a landscape photography. This post should answer some of the questions, as I’ll show you how and what I did on the images from our trip to Key West, FL.
A funny thing is that there is no Photoshop (by it’s common meaning): I’ve used RAW converter to do all (except sharping) the job.
This is why Alex always shoot RAW, and I like to work with RAW files. It is much faster and cleaner to use a RAW converter and a batch processing to get a perfectly adjusted large stack of photos.

Below, I show you several screen shots so that you can see what adjustments I did in a RAW Converter for the particular image. You can’t simply apply these settings for your picture, as they may not work in your case, but you can see the idea and experiment with your own image by moving  sliders and see the difference.

Post processing in Photoshop

Post processing in Photoshop

Post production for landscape photography

Post production for landscape photograph



Now sharpening.
A good sharpening can make your photo shine. I’ll give you some ideas about sharpening in my next posts. See you soon:-)

Mouse Over to see Before and After

Thank you for looking.  Any feedback and suggestions are very welcome!
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