Jewelry Retouching: Before and After

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  • Ruben


    This image and the others you have posted are really good (and I mean that), but without commentary on how you achieved these results, its really hard to learn much. You’re a very talented retoucher and the we could all learn a lot from you. Most of the photoshop tutorials out there are broad and general while highend techniques focus almost exclusively on beauty. There’s not a whole lot out there about product and jewelry retouching.

  • Yes, I know, Ruben, it’s hard to find something useful on-line. Most of my technique I found myself by trials and errors, or transform from beauty to product:-)
    I am happy to do more tutorials, but I am not so confident with my English. As soon as I feel better in this area I will do more tutorials.

  • Tim

    No one minds if your English isn’t great, we’re just dying to learn from you and you’ve got such a talent and skill, language is forgivable when you’re sharing free advice (an incredibly rare thing) :)

    Keep up the mindblowingly epic work ;)

  • Ruben

    To echo Tim’s sentiment, yeah no one really minds if your english isn’t that great. Your english is done well enough that you can still get the message across. Or if you wanted someone to proof read it before publication, I’m sure you’d have no shortage of capable volunteers. I’d be more than happy to help if you’d like.

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