Jewelry photography retouching: Before and After.

Based on the responses from Alex’s last post about jewelry photo session I”ve decided to post images before and after post production and 100% crop to see amount of work. Some times I had to almost completely  re-create a part of the item: it appears to be faster that to trying to restore lost finish and colors.

We made about 50 images for a talented jewelry designer Elizabeth Dupree Lynch for her Fine Jewelry collection. All jewelry was hand crafted by Italian jewelry master; therefore, retouching was not easy. It took us many hours (big thanks to my helper Anna Yenina:-) to do it.

All  “before” objects showed as-is (Camera RAW default settings) photo without focus stacking applied. First image from a sequence is what you’ll see. Images ‘after” have a  focus stacking applied.
I am going to do “focus staking in Photoshop cs5″ post next time, but for now you can check out this video how we do a focus stacking.

Some images may look overdone, (especially at 100% crop), but  this is what we were able to do considering  items’  condition (not new)   and an extreme  tight schedule for a post production.

Mouse Over to see Before and After

Diamond ring retouching.

Diamond ring retouching.

Jewelry photography retouching

Jewelry photography retouching

Jewelry photography post production.

Jewelry photography post production.

Jewelry photography retouching, before and after.

Jewelry photography retouching, before and after.

This image was combined from two different shots in one.

Jewelry post production, before and after.

Jewelry post production, before and after.

Jewelry retoucher Genia Larionova, Atlanta GA

Jewelry retoucher Genia Larionova, Atlanta GA

Hope this post was interesting. See you next time:-)


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69 comments to Jewelry photography retouching: Before and After.

  • please call me to discuss project. i have 200 plus rings that i need a retoucher for 917 620 6200

  • germanphotographer

    i apologise for my bad english in the first.

    @Tom, we had this discussion in a german blog before, it’s a big difference between an advertising photographer and an ebay photographer, you can’t do 100 high quality pictures a day, normally you do 4-8 pictures (without retouching) and work with large format cameras like sinar and digital bags with 40 MP.

    your pictures quality is ok, but far away from professional advertising photography, throwing jewelry on a table and doing boring lighting is not advertising photography it’s more like ebay photography

  • Zdendis

    Is it tutorial about jewelry retouching completed ?

  • Nishit Shah

    Any idea when the tutorials will be put up? Still waiting for it!

  • Cecile

    Genia, This is a fantastic work. I would love to buy an e-videobook about jewelry retouching on Photoshop !

  • These are amazing, you really brought out the jewelries beauty.

  • loforweb

    Hi Genia,
    thanks a lot for all this nice work and pictures!

    Could you maybe explain how you reconstruct the gold/metal surface
    so that it looks like new? Have you got a tuto or maybe a link to some,
    it’s so amazing, I’d like to give it a try.

    Cheers from France

  • Thank you, Lilian. My daughter’s name is Liliana:-)

  • There are many different techniques – filters (median, surface blur), brush painting, gradient, third party filters. We are writing the book about jewelry photography and retouching. Hope it will be ready in couple months.
    Thank you Lo:-)

  • Love your photography, Nice Capture of these Rings above…

  • Really very helpful, please provide tutorial for jewelry retouching.

  • Kevin

    For some reason, the mouse-overs aren’t working for me, so i only see the “after” photos. But they’re still amazing.

  • Digitaldove

    We will be massive jewelry client for a retoucher in due course
    at the moment i am running some minor tests with no budget for the project website launch
    i need to get some retouch , edit tutorials using photoshop cs5 urgently to improve and fix some rings both with and without the diamond mounted
    and clean them up. Do you have a book ready, or are there any tutorials that i might refer to to get them done and following that
    do you recommend good jewelry retoucher for future work and possibly photography

  • Barbara

    I am trying to learn jewelry retouching using Photoshop. I feel a passion for it, but am AMAZED at the incredible results you achieve! I would love to purchase a tutorial or book from you. Please contact me if there is such a thing available!

    Best regards,

  • Amazing work. Is there any possibility on a real technical insight on how it can be done? Beautiful stuff

  • Excellent work! Let us know when you are going to publish the book! I Would like to buy one.

  • Wonderful.. Even it is difficult to look into jewellery this much exact keeping in hand with the eyes. Great photoshop.. Great Retouching….

  • Hello,
    Did you release the book? Please tell me! Because i need very urgent.
    Please reply me……..

    Firoj sha

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