I am back!

Sorry for the long silence on this blog. It was a thinking time about my way, my passion and my life.

I’ve made some important decisions, as a result I understand that I still want to write for this blog.

And this is why:

1. I want to do something useful and create valuable things

2. I like open knowledge and sharing ideas

3.  I want my own independent project where I am the Boss:-)

4.  I am passionate about Photoshop and want to explore it deeply

5. I want to do experiments  and research about post-production

6. I want to release my creativity

7. I want to show you my work:-)

8. I want to practice expressing my thoughts and  improving my English


Also I am back to my another blog www.kapreez.com. This blog is my notebook about Positive Psychology and Self-Actualization. I will collect useful info there, make exercises, and share my journey to self-actualization.

Hope you will understand my “broken English” and find something useful and inspirational.


Don’t wait for perfect. Test your ideas. Doing it well now is much better than doing it perfectly later. ~by Seth Godin

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