How to make movie look photos in 1 minute: Our weekend camping

Our Last weekend was awesome! There were lake, forest, live music, camp fire, and great company. Thank you Sasha and Rasa for inviting us.

Below are some photos of my family. Post production have took only a couple minutes to drag sliders in Adobe camera RAW converter. This is a such creative and easy process:-)

At the bottom of the photos you can find screen shots from RAW converter which show how to achieve this film look effect (split toning and vignetting) with Adobe Camera Raw, part of Photoshop CS5.

Mouse Over to see Before and After

Photoshop film look effect

Photoshop film look effect

Photoshop post production

Split toning in RAW converter

Split toning in RAW converter

These are the screen shots of the settings of Abobe Camera RAW for above images:

Split toning settings

Split toning settings

Vignetting and Luminance

Vignetting and Luminance

Using the split toning you can get amazing effects. Here is the example:

Hope this post was useful. Experiment with split toning and your photos will have the unique style and feeling.

And video about our camping:-)


Thank you for looking. Any feedback and suggestions are very welcome!
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4 comments to How to make movie look photos in 1 minute: Our weekend camping

  • and here i was thinking that you will edit these photos for dollars,,, you are putting out tutorials,,you guys are simply great,, these effects were so wonderful and brilliant,, hats off

  • Thanks for sharing this trick Alex.
    I tried it out in Lightroom with the same values you give above, and the result looks just the same.
    Now I understand how to make a lilm look photo too, and most of all: how to use the split-tonig sliders on a full color photo.

  • Hi Genia,

    This is an extremely helpful post. Thank you – I can make all my photos look really cool now!

  • genius work… appreciate the help.. wonderful post…

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