How to make a Windex Bottle look beautiful. Post-production.

Recently we had a Google+ “Studio Photography Insights” Hangout assignment to shoot a Windex bottle. This is Alex Koloskov’s and my attempt. Below I will describe a post-production part of this project in outline way.

I have two source files. One for the bottle and the other for the spurt.

1. Cleaning. I use a Healing brush and Clone Stamp Tool.

2. Filter/Noise/Median/Radius 8 pixels.
Create a Black Layer Mask (Hide All) and paint over scratches and dust.

3. Filter/Blur/Surface Blur.
Create a Black Layer Mask (Hide All) and paint over large surfaces to make it even and smooth.

4. Sometimes it requires extensive work as a painter :-) Use the Color Picker to pick up the right color and paint over problem areas. Change the color and opacity as needed. This is the most creative part of the retouching process of the product:-)

I am not a good painter, therefore I am taking an art class. Hope it will help.

5. Topaz De-Noise filter. I am in love with this filter. It can make the picture look seamless and sharp at the same time. Play with sliders, and see what happens.

6. Create new Levels Adjustment Layer. Press Command+I (mac)/Ctrl+I (win) to invert the layer mask, and paint over the bottle where I want to add contrast. Here are my settings:

7. Adding the spurt. Cut the spurt part from the second source image and adjust it to the main picture.

8. Adding sparkles. I downloaded the sparkles from, however you can make it by yourself. Just Google it to find tutorials. I used different colors and shapes of sparkles to make spurt fancier.

9. New Curves Adjustment Layer to add a little bit of light and contrast to the image:

10. New Adjustment Layer/Selective Color to illuminate the Cyan Color:

11. New Adjustment Layer/Photo Filter… to add Blue tone to the photo:

and this is the result after applying this filter:

Finish. All retouching work of this image took me 2 hours. And I hope the end result looks better than the source image. I believe that my purpose in this world is to make thinks more beautiful, to notice and show the beauty in ordinary things.


Yours, Genia.

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