How to get a professional up-to-date portfolio for a reasonable money.

If you are on the way to create new or update your old portfolio this post is for you. I can show you 3 different ways to do it: easy, intermediate and advanced.

1. Easy

Only for $50 per year you can get Gorgeous Portfolio with your own domain and without any upload limits. iPhone & iPad ready. And it is really easy. Just upload your best photos and write bio and contact info. There are several themes for choosing. They are simple, clean and elegant.

Go to and you will have a great portfolio in minutes. Also there you can start your blog if you want.

This is the photo portfolio example:

2. Intermediate

If you are looking for something more sophisticated and contemporary, go to Creative Motion Design. You can choose from 27 beautiful templates of Classic Gallery and Elite Gallery.

The prices of  the templates are $95 (classic) or $295 (elite) one time setup fee plus $100 hosting per year. This price includes Blog and iPhone HTML Site.

This is an example:

3. Advanced

If you  want your own unique design and familiar with Flash and Action Script, go ahead and create an exclusive portfolio with your one style.

Big help can be SlideShowPro software. This is really great and flexible tool and we used it for building our Portfolio. This is also most expensive way, because you have to buy Adobe Flash to use all the possibilities and freedom of SlideShowPro.

How we did it you can read in details at Alex’s blog Building professional flash portfolio for photographer: our experience. and Update: now our Portfolio supports iPhone and iPad!

As example I’ll show our portfolio:-)

I did not consider an option to pay developers for customization, as it can be endless journey:-) I have in mind that we do it all our selves :-) We all have a different knowledge and experiences in Internet, programming and design. I hope you find here the most suitable option, exactly for you.

I do not have any bonuses for promoting above web sites. I just like the features and feelings of these :-) And any of these 3 options I may consider for my portfolio. The decision depends only of technical level and time we have.

So find your way and create an outstanding portfolio!

Just remember: Only perfect and authentic photos make your portfolio remarkable!

Good luck, Genia

p.s. I really appreciate if somebody will correct my English. I am in learning process now and when I improve my English skills I can share more useful information about post-production. Thank you!

Thank you for looking. Any feedback and suggestions are very welcome!
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