How to do a water splash butterfly. Post production.

Some time ago I was impressed with stunning water splash photos some photographers did. I saw flowers, birds, bulls, horses. I was curious  how they actually did it?

Now I know the answer:-)
First, you need a huge set of water splash images and second, many hours of assiduous work. And here is my water splash butterfly:

Water splash butterfly

Water splash butterfly

As you can see at my Layer palette, I did many trials, errors, experimentation. See how many layers turned off:-) But for me it’s only one way to learn – error and trial, and trial again. This what we call experience:-)

Layer pallete for water splash photography.

Layer pallete for water splash photography.

These photos I’ve  used as a source to combine them in my composition:

Water splash retouching.

Water splash retouching.

Not so much, right? :-) I had a really great source of  images (thanks Alex :-) and I did not need dozens files to work with.

I’ve spend 6 hours for this job.

What do  you need to know to do similar picture:

  • Photoshop masking
  • Filter Liquify
  • Color correction
  • Healing and Cloning tools

How to create such water splashes you can read at Alex’s blog on It’s  fun:-)

And don’t be afraid to try!


Thank you for looking. Any feedback and suggestions are very welcome!
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