How to Be Creative – Open Your Mind, and Dismiss Your Fears

Today I would like to talk  about creativity.

How to be creative. How to generate ideas. How to feel inspired.


I read many psychology books (I plan to write a post about the useful books in near future), and now I am beginning to understand how our brains work.

What is our thinking process? We think by using:

- pictures

- sounds

- body feelings/touch/sensations

- tastes

- smells

So, how does it relate to creativity? Directly.

If you are painter, for example:

To be creative you need to fill your unconscious mind with images you like. To do it see many art works of different artists. Look at  beautiful places or landscapes, or people, or still objects and imagine it painted by yourself. In other words, if you want to create awesome pictures you need to train your visual imagination. Imagine your future picture and make this picture big and beautiful. Imagine your feeling when painting it and when finished. Then imagine another of your pictures… Repeat this process many times per day.


If you would like to create music, listen to different styles, learn different cultures and find your own voice which resonates with you. Listen to music in your brain and imagine it. To increase the creativity get involved your other senses. When you listen to your internal music try to see the picture of this music, what color is your music, what is on the background; try to feel this music in your body, find this feeling in your body.


Second step is to dismiss your fear. Very often we are just afraid to be creative.  Here is my example. When I am working in Photoshop and finally get some acceptable result, I stop. I do not try to do more, to do something unusual, to experiment a little bit, because I am afraid to ruin my good acceptable work:-)

The easy tip is to save your previous work in another file, and become open to experimentation.

I imagine myself flying between sky and sea, I hear music inside me, and my hand just does what my unconscious mind wants.  I allow myself to be free. And this can happen only when my good enough and acceptable work is safe and secure.

Below are some examples of my works when I have saved files and opened them again as a copy for experimenting:

On the left is my working file, and on the right is my creative alternative.

On the left is my working file again, and on the right is my unconscious flower:-)


I like brainstorming.

There is how I find all my ideas.

Here is the same process and trick as in a previous step: When you find a good enough idea, write it down on paper or in notebook (now it is safe and secure). And you are free to be creative, you already have a good idea, so you don’t need to worry about looking for ideas:-)

And now it’s time to ask: “What else can I do?” “What is another way to do it? “Can I add or remove something?” “I just want to see how it will look this way, with this color.” Ask yourself questions.

Many questions.

And finally…maybe now, maybe next day or week, you will find IT -  your brilliant idea, your perfect words, your best music. At this moment you will clearly understand this is exactly what you were looking for; you will feel your little (or big) victory; you will be excited. This is your WOW, your A-HA moment when you create something important.

It is very easy to be creative – do actions and movements; make tries in safe and secure environment. Safe and secure can be different for many people and situations. You may feel secure when you’re sure you will not loose your data or previous idea, or you need to be in a place where no one can see or hear you, or  maybe you need people around you, or you feel more secure on the stage.

Find your security feeling and paint pictures in your mind, play internal music, dance; feel smell, taste, temperature, hugs, kisses or you name it-) And then create your masterpiece!

Here is the snail created from the test splashes when I was in a creative mood:-)


“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” — Scott Adams



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