How and where learn High End Photo Retouching. Tips and resources.

If you believe in self-education (like I do), you don’t need to go to a school or college to become a retoucher, you should only know the right places where to find an information and spend many many hours, days and years for practice. I can help you with right resources where you can learn the High End retouching techniques. Hope it will save your time, energy and money (I wish I had these links couple years ago:-)

Most helpful and friendly community for retouchers is RetouchPro.

RetouchPro hosts a  regular  live, interactive masterclasses where you watch a guest retoucher’s desktop as they work in real time. You can also ask questions for the guest retoucher.  These live events usually cost only $10 and for this money you will get a ton of useful information.

Free tutorials:

Free video tutorials:

Beauty retouching from Carrie Beene

Beauty retouching
from Natalia Taffarel

Photoshop spotlight from Calvin Hollywood

Bleach Bypass Look from Calvin Hollywood

The Double RAW Conversion Tutorial from Calvin Hollywood

Sean Armenta | Dodge & Burn Technique:

Sean Armenta | Anatomy of a Beauty Retouch:

Not Free Tutorials:

If it’s not enough :-) there are DVD’s you can buy and learn High End retouching from professionals.

DVD Video Lessons:

The best retouchers around the world:

And finally, this is the list of the best successful retouchers with links to before and after portfolios:

Retouching Companies:

If you know another useful retouching resources, please share with us,  I promise to add links to this post if I find something helpful too.

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