HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography

New HDRi. Lake Lanier, Georgia

Lake Lanier, GA. HDR photography

Lake Lanier, GA. HDR photography

HDRi photography, Georgia

HDRi photography, Georgia

stock image, Lake Lanier, GA

stock image, Lake Lanier, GA

HDR stock images, Georgia

HDR stock images, Georgia

17 comments to HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography

  • Steve W


    Did you take three bracketed photos and process them in Photoshop?


  • to Steve
    Yes, it was three bracketed exposures, than merged it in Photomatix and edited in Photoshop

  • Nice shots. I feel like there is almost too much information and the eye is not controlled by the composition and therefore does not know where to go so it may linger in the foreground instead of making its way around the image.

  • Nice work! I particularly like the first image. Do you belong to the HDR Yahoo group?

  • to Steve Silverman
    Thank you, Steve.
    I will see this group.

  • It is absolutely beautiful. It is perfect. Great work.

  • Roy Hale

    Did you take three photos of the lake scene,and do you have to have Photoshop CS4 extended to do HDR? I have CS4 but not the extended. Great photos!

  • to Roy Hale
    Yes. This is three images, but merged in Photomatix. I did some experiments with Photoshop and Photomatix and decide to use Photomatix.

  • Very Nice.. Some of the HDR results I’ve seen look way too fake but the images you post have nice balance and take HDR right up to that edge without over doing it..

    Again, Very Nice..

    So it’s 3 Bracketed Photos, Photomatix… I’ve got the 5D2 and Photomatix, I just haven’t had a chance to experiment other than with handheld indoor shots (taken as tests)…

    I may have to give it another shot.

    I’m assuming you shot in RAW? Did you do much post-processing to each image before you merged them?

  • to Keary Larson
    Thank you for nice words.
    Of course, only RAW, but I did not post-process images before I merged it. I do all post-processing after.

  • christine kiebert-boss

    feels remarkably realistic – like you’re there

  • You’re getting a lot of haloing, both dark and light halos are evident in each of these samples.

  • I know about halos, but I don’t think it spoil these images, as for me.

  • Tim

    These photos have a phony look to them… While they may be cool, they’re too surreal looking for use in most media, in my opinion… I prefer more real results with less of the halo and oversaturation effects you put in here… It almost looks like an artist rendition, and not real.

  • JIM

    I see you took 3 shots; bracketed how? 1/2 stops? 1 stop?

  • to JIM
    Our photographer have bracketed 3 stops.

  • That is pretty cool! The images look too much like “photo-illustrations”, but good ones. It makes something that would otherwise be…hmm, ok kinda boring into a good image. I dunno… this technique may be a little bit overdone here for my taste.

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