Google+ Photographer’s Conference in San Francisco (May 22-23)

Traveling to San Francisco is always a Special Occasion for us, especially if it coincides with meeting so many awesome and talented people.

And we did it!

Alex Koloskov was one of the 16 + speakers at Google+ Photographer’s Conference . I was helping him and enjoying such a creative and inspiring spirit at the event. I will try to reproduce this atmosphere using pictures and videos from different photographers.

We started from Photowalk to Treasure Island:

Treasure Island Google Plus Photowalk

Despite very harsh wind we had a great time. See the video:

Registration desk. All this people are photographers. I never seen so many photographers in one place. Unbelievable:-)

I am testing a new camera, Canon Mark III. Thank you Jim Goldstein from for this opportunity, it is really a great camera. It is in my wish Pinterest list now:-)


I like this workspace. I fit organic in it, isn’t it? :-)

In the middle of the first day of the Conference, Alex had a Live Product Shoot. We choose a Versace “Yellow Diamond” Perfume bottle because it covers three complicated tasks of product photography – transparent bottle of liquid, shiny surface and faceted like diamond cup.

In the picture below, the photo-session is in the progress.:

photo by Leonid Malashenok


We were doing a very serious job:-)

photo by Leonid Malashenok


Thank you Leonid Malashenok for these Behind the Scene photos.

Below is the result of the photo-shoot. (The video and the tutorial are coming soon.)

The rest of the day we were free to walk around, meet people, and absorb information. There were so many familiar faces and cool gadgets:-)

This is Google Glass camera mounted to a pair of eyeglasses. Read more about this fantastic device at Google Project Glass:

The conference was very informative. I learned many new things:

It’s sad, but everything good has to end sometime. We have to go home from this photographer’s paradise:-) These are the last goodbyes and hugs to all our new friends.


Hope to see everybody on the next Google Plus Photographer’s Conference.

Scott Kelby wrote a more detailed review about the Conference. Do not miss it: Wrap-up Report From The Google+ Photographer’s Conference

And finally I want to show you this cool and fun video made by a very talented and highly energetic girl, Petra Cross. She is software engineer at Google and a photographer. Enjoy!!!

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