Before and After HDR Photo and PHOTIGY News

HDR “Before and After” photo from Atlanta BoTanical Gardens:

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20 Amazing liquid desktop wallpapers for all devices, including Retina displays

We have these twenty amazing high-speed liquid photos that we turned into a wallpapers gallery for your PC/Mac (including the new MacBook Pro with retina display), Ipad/iPhone and Android devices. Me have decided to give financial help to people who need it by donating 50% of the profits of this wallpaper set to

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 Do-It-Yourself Studio Lighting: Sony speaker shot step-by-step

By Alex Stepanov ( what you want folks but I like watching shows like “American Test Kitchen”. First, I like good food. More important though, I like that those people always experiment and play with things that have been around forever and yet, they manage to come up with something new I have not heard before.


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Before and After HDR photo and PHOTIGY news

Inside Sir Francis Drake Hotel, San Fransisco:

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BTS of Sephora assignment: how to shoot glossy subjects
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 Industry News & Deals #1
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How the image was created: a Dremel Tool shot
Behind the scene: shooting a dremel tool. Continue reading: How the image was created: a Dremel Tool shot
Studio Photography Insights: Hand Tool shot
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Food Photography Tutorial, Part one
Food Photography tutorial and bonus: BTS of the macro food shot (premium content)Continue reading: Food Photography Tutorial, Part one
Weekly photography digest #3

Google+ Photographer’s Conference in San Francisco (May 22-23)

Traveling to San Francisco is always a Special Occasion for us, especially if it coincides with meeting so many awesome and talented people.

And we did it!

Alex Koloskov was one of the 16 + speakers at Google+ Photographer’s Conference . I was helping him and enjoying such a creative and inspiring spirit at the event. I will try to reproduce this atmosphere using pictures and videos from different photographers.

We started from Photowalk to Treasure Island:

Treasure Island Google Plus Photowalk

Despite very harsh wind we had a great time. See the video:

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Adobe Photoshop CS6 – TOP 6 Features by Russell Brown

Just love it!

I am back!

Sorry for the long silence on this blog. It was a thinking time about my way, my passion and my life.

I’ve made some important decisions, as a result I understand that I still want to write for this blog.

And this is why:

1. I want to do something useful and create valuable things

2. I like open knowledge and sharing ideas

3.  I want my own independent project where I am the Boss:-)

4.  I am passionate about Photoshop and want to explore it deeply

5. I want to do experiments  and research about post-production

6. I want to release my creativity

7. I want to show you my work:-)

8. I want to practice expressing my thoughts and  improving my English


Also I am back to my another blog This blog is my notebook about Positive Psychology and Self-Actualization. I will collect useful info there, make exercises, and share my journey to self-actualization.

Hope you will understand my “broken English” and find something useful and inspirational.


Don’t wait for perfect. Test your ideas. Doing it well now is much better than doing it perfectly later. ~by Seth Godin

Before and after photo of our upcoming ebook.

We are working on our upcoming ebook (another ebook and video from latest masterclass will be available next week), and here I would like to show you the progress. It is not a regular “before and after” image, as before is not a one image, but a  picture that showing what you can get from a set of the images using Photoshop and creativity.

Now we (Alex and I) have a good grounding in techniques, so this is time for us become more creative. We will experiment with new devices, techniques, objects. Hope it will be very interesting time.
Before and After

jewelry photography, post-production and retouching

New ebook about how we made this photo will be ready very soon.

Thank you for looking. Any feedback and suggestions are very welcome!
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WOW! Our water splash photo in 3D design

Check this link:

How to get a professional up-to-date portfolio for a reasonable money.

If you are on the way to create new or update your old portfolio this post is for you. I can show you 3 different ways to do it: easy, intermediate and advanced.

1. Easy

Only for $50 per year you can get Gorgeous Portfolio with your own domain and without any upload limits. iPhone & iPad ready. And it is really easy. Just upload your best photos and write bio and contact info. There are several themes for choosing. They are simple, clean and elegant.

Go to and you will have a great portfolio in minutes. Also there you can start your blog if you want.

This is the photo portfolio example:

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Recent discovery: Dr. Brown’s Adobe Photoshop CS5 Script – Edit Layers in ACR.

Update: This script is for edit psd layers in Adobe Camera RAW ONLY, because you can open any TIFF and JPEG through Bridge. Right click on the image and choose Open in Camera RAW… I did not know it. Thank you guys from  LinkedIn :-)


Some days, working on customer’s images (not RAW), I had a dream:-) I wish it would be possible to edit TIFF or even JPEG files in Adobe Camera RAW converter. ACR has a very convenient interface and controls, and I’ve got used to work with it.  And what a surprise:

Calvin Hollywood asked Russell Brown to write this amazing script. You can download the script here. With this script, you are able to open any layer of your psd file in a camera raw converter. It does not matter what image it is: TIFF or a crappy JPEG because you can still use RAW converter interface to adjust it as if it were a RAW (obviously, it won’t make file RAW-like). You can see the video how it works.

For a quick test, I tried to edit a JPEG file (made by point-and-shoot camera) of my daughter working in class. The result was truly impressive! Love it!

I do not  have much TIFFs or JPEGs (we shoot only RAW),  but if you have to edit such files this script is able to save a lot of time as ACR converter is very intuitive and convenient.

Mouse Over to see Before and After

Edit layers in ACR script. Photoshop.

Edit layers in ACR script. Photoshop.

Thank you for looking. Any feedback and suggestions are very welcome!
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List of Top Architectural Photography Blogs.

My blog has been featured on Guide to Art Schools’ list of the Top Architectural Photography Blogs.

It’s funny: As soon as we have decided to remove the architecture portfolio from our portfolios and concentrate only on a product photography, we got such interest in our architecture photography:-)

Me and Alex like architecture, but for now a studio photography is much more interesting for us: concentrating only in a studio work we’ll have more chances to become “world best” in what we do.. and we both won’t accept less:-) But any way that’s cool!