Retouched Ring Before and After and Useful Links

Silver ring with Swarovski crystals.

Used software:

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended
Topaz DeNoise

Used Tools:

You can try to do a retouching work with a mouse, but I highly recommend to use a pen tablet as Wacom:

Wacom Intuos4 Large

I’ve captured all retouching process of this piece of jewelry:-), and I hope you see the video on as soon as we edit it.

Also, I’ve added the “Useful Links” page on this blog. I will add there links which I find useful.

Stay tuned:-)

New Fractal “Brown Pearl” and Alex Koloskov’s Portrait Before and After

Fractal + Photoshop “Brown Pearl”

Software: Apophysis 7X 15C


Before and After Alex Koloskov with two super cameras:-)
Here is the bigger size image: click

Using Software:

- Photoshop CS6

- Color Efex Pro – Bleach Bypass

I’ve captured all retouching process, so the video is coming soon:-)

HDR Before and After and Blue Lotus Fractal

Fractal “Blue Lotus”

Software: Apophysis 7X 15C

Do not miss Alex Koloskov’s new tutorial on WWW.PHOTIGY.COM How to create stunning HDR images with iPhone: iPhoneography examples

Beauty Retouching: Before and After

Used Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6

Retouching Time: ~3 hours

Tutorials: coming soon.

Similar tuts: Dodge and Burn

Here is only “After” in a bigger size:

100% crop:

Want to learn more? Check out my collection of Post-processing tutorials on

HDR Outline Tutorial on PRO Corner and Butterfly Fractal for Pleasure:-)

HDR Post-processing outline tutorial:

We started a new section in our PRO Corner, called “HDR Outline”. We believe that simple and short visual tutorials are more understandable way to learn. Below you can see Before and After picture from the first tutorial. Subscribe to Photigy Pro Corner to see all tutorials.

Before post-processing and after


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Butterfly Fractal:

Before and After HDR, Flower Fractal and Contests Winners

This flower fractal was created using Apophysis:

Atlanta Botanical Gardens, HDR Before and After:

FIRST PLACE: Larry Fisher

Read more about our first HDR post-processing contest on WWW.PHOTIGY.COM

Before and After Photos from Nikon D800E Test

Nikon D800E test: It is really a medium format quality from 35mm camera. Great source images for retouching:-)

3 Minutes Effect to Make a Difference for Your Photo: Bleach Bypass

Many people asked me how we created this effect, let’s call it Bleach Bypass. Below are briefly explanation how this can be achieved and Before and After images.

Hope this will help you to understand the basics of the technique and show the direction for your own development. I have also created more detailed step-by-step guide with video and forum discussion/critique for professionals on the “Pro Corner” of Photigy.

Here it is: Post Production Technique to Add Dramatic Bleach Bypass Effect in a Few Minutes


Post Production

For creating such images I used Adobe Photoshop and Color Efex Pro plugin.

Here is a short description of the necessary steps:

1. Convert an image in Adobe Camera RAW

2. Apply Color Efex Pro/Bleach Bypass plugin

3. Adjust photo in Photoshop as you like by using masking and Levels, Hue/Saturation, Selective Color, Shadows/Highlights etc.

4. Add Dodge and Burn for more dramatic effect (must say that I did not do this step for the most of these photos)

Continue reading 3 Minutes Effect to Make a Difference for Your Photo: Bleach Bypass

Before and After Image for Funny Silverware Assignment and Amusing Video

This Before and After of our shot for a PHOTIGY Live assignment called “Funny Silverware“.

Behind the scene video you can find on WWW.PHOTIGY.COM

One Photo from Google+ Photowalk in Atlanta: Before and After

Just finished writing the tutorial for WWW.PHOTIGY.COM (coming very soon) “3 Minutes Effect to Make a Difference for Your Photo”. Below are Before and After from this tutorial:

Stay tuned. Genia.