Beauty Retouching: Before and After

Used Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6

Retouching Time: ~3 hours

Tutorials: coming soon.

Similar tuts: Dodge and Burn

Here is only “After” in a bigger size:

100% crop:

Want to learn more? Check out my collection of Post-processing tutorials on

11 comments to Beauty Retouching: Before and After

  • Fzzah

    Love it! Saw the google plus comments for the before and after, as well just the after photo and was amazed by the difference in how people respond. I personally love the effect and am waiting anxiously for your tutorial :) In the meantime, I will check out your other posts! :)

  • Ruben

    For the most part, I think you did very well. But there are some subtle (and one not so subtle), details that I think detract from the image. The biggest being the eye’s. They’re too sharp and too bright, especially in comparison to the rest of her face. It looks more like something you would see in a fantasy movie, rather than a beauty image. More over, the whites of the eyes have a bluish green color cast to them. I’m not sure if that was intentional or not. After all, the hair is a pretty saturated bluish green as well.

    On the 100% crop, I can see an abrubt loss of skin detail near the hair as well as one hair that wasn’t completely removed. Kudos for keeping the skin texture and the freckles. For the most part, looks very well done. There are some areas of skin texture that are noticibly different than rest of the skin such as the rough patch beneath the eye. Burning the highlights would have made that transition a lot less noticeable while still staying true to the reality of the models natural texture. The other thing that catches my eye are the fine hairs on the bridge of the models nose leading up to her eye brows. Truth be told, they should have been plucked prior to capture but I still wouldn’t have left them in the image.

    I hope I’m not coming across as overly critical because thats not my intention. Like I said, I think you did very well. Other than the eye’s, its just the subtle details that seem to detract from a good image.

    All the best,


  • Thank you for your feedback, Ruben.
    OK, I would like to call it Creative Beauty Retouching, not just a Beauty. I don’t want to create plain, boring, natural looking images anymore. I did it for many years for clients, for stock etc. Now I want to do what I like. And I like to make emotional, unusual, different images.

  • Thank you, Fzzah. It’s all psychology:-) I like to study people’s behavior.

  • Genia:
    I love this retouch. You are amazing. I started to come to the Atlanta photowalk and now wish I had. I will definitely be at the next…Where do I get the techniques and when?

  • ML

    Ruben, it’s “eyes” and not “eye’s”. Plural versus possessive.

  • trjwv

    Great image. Will there be a tutorial on your beauty retouching including this technique? This is fantastic work as always.

  • Thank you! All tutorials will be on

  • Fizzah

    Hi Genia! I’ve since shared your post with so many friends who love your work :) Waiting anxiously for a tutorial…checked and can’t find it there either. Hope it posts soon!

  • Thank you, Fizzah! I am working on the tutorials:-)

  • Amazing!!! I’m waiting for the tutorial :D

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