aDesign makeup brushes WOW! shoot and post production in photoshop: Before and After.

I am glad to start a first post in New Year with our recent creative shot for our good customer, a company called aDesign.  The assignment was to create an image for the front page of the company website, and should look WOW!

It was really fun to work on such project and play with the lighting. We did several different variations and I choose these two photos to show them here, at my blog:

Mouse Over to see Before and After

Post production in photoshop. Before and after.

Post production in photoshop. Before and after.

Product photography and retouching.

Product photography and retouching.

Thank you for looking. Any feedback and suggestions are very welcome!
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5 comments to aDesign makeup brushes WOW! shoot and post production in photoshop: Before and After.

  • Martins

    I have to say that for me it would be very interesting to see video of retouching process, especially the bristle part./

  • Martins, I planed to do a video with these brushes, but had a time limit for retouching (may next time). The bristle part is simple. Draw hairlines where you need it using a very thin brush on a new layer, then blur a little bit, noise a little bit and repeat. Hope it will help.

  • You are really a perfectionist! But did you on purpose leave a slightly visible line where the wire was? (Perhaps underneath was also a line.)
    And one question about the production, does your customer not have an advertising agency to be your direct contact? Not that is has to be, but as I understand it, the only statement was the Wow effect, that’s a way to start! (But I like the result)

  • Thanks, Hans, that you noticed it. I though it was a bend, not a wire and I leaved it:-) But you are right it shouldn’t be there.

    Regarding the WOW, dramatic effect. Yes, it was the main requirement and there was no advertising agency in this project. We are working, in most cases, directly with a client. It has some advantages and disadvantages.

  • Genia, I think your client is very happy with you doing all this retouche to get the best result! And in the way you work directly in contact with the client, your experience grows fast! That’s better for all!

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